The Advent Calendar

This being St. Lucia’s day, and the beginning of the 12 Days of Light, AUR thought that we should post the Reform Advent Calendar.

Advent Eve, or the Feast of St. Andrew, falls on November 30.
12 Days of Gold begin on December 1, celebrating Mary’s Motherhood and putting up unlit Christmas decorations.
     Advent/Annunciation (or the Feast of St. Eligius, patron of goldsmiths) on the 1st
     Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the 12th
12 Days of Light begin on December 13, celebrating the Star of Bethlehem and putting up lit Christmas decorations and candles.
     Feast of St. Lucia, matron of light and sight, on the 13th
     Christmas Eve on the 24th
Christmas Day on the 25th
12 Days of Christmas begin on December 26th and last through January 6th
     Feast of St. Stephen (from “Good King Wenceslas”) on the 26th
     New Year’s Eve (the 6th Day of Christmas) on the 31st
     Resolution Day (the 7th Day of Christmas) on the 1st of January
     Epiphany, celebrating the Adoration of the Magi and interfaith communion, on the 6th