End of the Interval, Start of Eastertide

It’s been rather busy here, so we’ve missed a few key events.

 Today is, of course, the 12th Day of Defiance: the Day of the Spark commemorating the 258th anniversary of Jonathan Mayhew’s sermon Discourse On Submission, asserting the moral right of people to overthrow an unjust government.  (The full text can be found here.) John Adams called this sermon “the spark that ignited the American Revolution.”

Commentary on Mayhew’s role in the Revolution can be read at the Ludwig von Mises Institute website and Christian History Institute at Gospelcom.net.

This year, Interval overlaps with Eastertide!  Friday the 25th, Spear King’s Day in the Interval Calendar, was also the first of the 12 Days of Carnival which culminate on Mardi Gras, which falls very early this year, on February 5th.

 Celebrate Liberty, and enjoy the Carnival!