Isaac Newton On The Hero Of The Nicenes

AUR has posted the first half of Isaac Newton’s “Paradoxical Questions Concerning the Morals and Actions of Athanasius and his Followers.” These sixteen arguments demonstrate that the instigator of the Nicene Council, Athanasius of Alexandria, was a fraud with little concern for the truth, probably a murderer, and a seditionist against the Church.

Considering how critical this turning point in ecclesiology was—setting the foundation of subsequent trinitarian history in all of its crusades, suppressions, and inquisitions—it is of paramount importance that we understand the truth of the events and intrigues of the day, that we might better understand the initial moral conditions and motivations which conceived and promulgated trinitarianism. More importantly for believers, it is important to know whether the faction that established the theology that now defines mainstream Christianity were honest and worthy of trust and respect.

Sir Isaac’s rational investigation and dismissal of the claims made by Athanasius still ring true three centuries after they were written.