AUR Influence is Growing, Step by Step

Readership of the American Unitarian Reform outreach blog has been growing month by month, and January is set to be the fourth month in a row of broken records!  Readers who contact us seem to fall into three broad groups based on their attraction to the movement.

Some are mainline Christians anxious about the implications of biblical scholarship for their religion, and find Unitarian Reform’s reverent but measured attitude toward scripture a comforting alternative to abandoning their faith or surrendering it to the fraud of biblical inerrancy .

Some who identify as Unitarian Universalists are looking for deeper meaning and structure, or relief from what they feel is an aggressive undercurrent of atheist, anti-religious prejudice in some parts of the UU community.

Other readers who fall into the “spiritual not religious” category say they would like greater structure in their spiritual life without the exclusionist condemnation so typical of organized religion.

None of these readers are converting or organizing new congregations, but they are helping to boost our readership and our spirits!  Thanks again!