02.1.2 Remembrance Thursday

Scripture and homily in brief for Remembrance Thursday, the fifth of the 12 Days of Thanksgiving.

Proverbs 27:12

12 The prudent sees misfortune, and hides himself; fools keep going, and pay the price.

Homily in Brief

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, as we remember that good things come to our lives through meetings, it is also vital to recognize the risk involved in such meetings.

Human beings need to mix and mingle — not only to make life worth living, but also to grow and adapt to our changing environment. Still, this exchange is not without the potential for danger.  The sad fate of the Wampanoag after the first Thanksgiving demonstrates this tragically.

The meeting of worlds can end in epidemic, misunderstanding, hostility, and even warfare. The history of America, and indeed the entire world, is written in the twin pens of strife and cooperation.

For Reform Unitarians, it is important to recognize the harsh realities of life before celebrating the wondrous potentials; this is why we observe a solemn Remembrance Thursday one week before the Feast of Thanksgiving on Harvest Thursday.