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Links to various sources of information about Unitarianism as a principle and a community. AUR does not necessarily endorse all information found on these websites.

Biblical Unitarianism
“This web site is owned and operated by Spirit & Truth Fellowship International and Christian Educational Services. We are an independent, nondenominational ministry that is not affiliated with any other religious denomination or group.”

Unitarian Christianity : A Very Short Introduction at Yahoo Geocities.

Where Have All The Universalists Gone? at The Christian Universalist Association
“One of the great religious mysteries is how the Universalist Church in America—once the 6th largest denomination in the United States—could shrink to its current minority status within the Unitarian Universalist denomination.”

Common Sense Christianity
“This website [is] devoted to supporting all those who want a Christian faith that is open enough and strong enough to thrive on our honest questions and doubts and seeking, as we struggle together to understand our place and role in the universe, and the God of it all.”

The Arian Catholic Church
“Arian Catholicism is the ecumenical ideology and theology of the early Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, upholding the doctrine and teaching of Jesus Christ and his apostles through the early Church and following the guidance of St Arius of Alexandria, teaching that Jesus was a man to be followed not worshipped, whom was the spiritual Son of God and therefore God the Father and the Son were not co-eternal nor of the same substance, seeing the pre-incarnate Jesus (known as Immanuel) as a divine being (though not a god or demi-god but more like an Archangel) but nonetheless created by (and consequently inferior to) the Father.”

American Unitarian Conference
“The American Unitarian Conference is an attempt to reclaim and preserve that part of the Unitarian tradition that is uniquely valuable. The Conference will help build a fulfilling religious community dedicated to the free and responsible search for truth, meaning, communion and love within the Unitarian tradition.”

Transylvanian Unitarian Church
English translation not ready as of February 2008.

Unitarian Christian Association of the United Kingdom.

Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship
“The Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship [is] an independent affiliate of the UUA with global membership.”

UUCF blog at
“The cyberspot to interact with the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship on all things spiritual–questions, news and current events, ideas old and new, bible, prayer, theology, justice-making.”

Christian Churches of God
From the Statement of Beliefs of the Christian Faith: “Modern Christianity by and large has very little if anything in common with original Christianity. The rise of Islam and the later wars with Islam were arguably the direct result of the false Christian system set up in Europe and West Asia by the Greek theological systems using the Cappadocian theology based on the Triune God and attempted mystical union with God and as God.”

Traditional Unitarian

Did the Early Christians Teach/Believe a “Trinity” Doctrine?
A collection of academic quotes.

Trinity on Trial
A very comprehensive list of scriptural and historical arguments.

Should You Believe in the Trinity?
At the Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Website: “People often say they believe in the Trinity, yet they differ in their understanding of it. What, exactly, is the Trinity? Does the Bible teach it? Is Jesus Christ the Almighty God and part of the Trinity?”

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